About OCE

What is the Open Cooperative Ecosystem (OCE)?

The OCE attempts to be a network of inter-connected software and data, especially for the case of cooperative and post-capitalistic environments to bundle the current individualistic approaches of people and collectives into one string and synergize efforts towards the same goals.

To create this framework of inter-connective and decentralized apps and platforms, which are freely available, modular, pluggable and well documented, OCE is using common vocabularies or protocols (currently just „ValueFlows“) to convert data seamlessly and instantly from one instance to the other.

Future developers will be able to create new open­ source applications for a group's specific needs or as technology advances, in their choice of languages, and plug them in. It will also allow existing software apps to create the linkage into the OCE.

Nevertheless, as an ecosystem consists of multiple interconnecting components, there is currently not such a thing as an OCE. Thus, it should be considered work in process development where the software components are developed based on real needs.

What are the current possibilities with OCE?

Inside OCE any kind of events can be represented:

  • flexible networks of networks relationships

  • resource management and recipes

  • planning and coordination for producing, using, exchanging and sharing value

  • tracking events that produce, use, exchange and share value

  • tracking contributions from individual network members of work and resources

  • connecting value streams from idea to manufacture to end use and following them back

  • distributing income according to contributions using "value equation" decided by contributors

  • accounting views for a network, organization, project, individual



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